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A Brief Message of Introduction

This site was originally installed on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009, at about 4 AM with great aspirations should time and circumstances allow it, and God the Father, Jehovah, will it. It is one of 3 sites I maintain with the goal of promoting truth, well being, and understanding of God's word, the Bible. This site caters more to secular sciences and history, as well as philosophy. But all are related to God and truth. Truth is found in pursuing God and His record is recorded and preserved for us in the Bible and of course, in the material universe we live in and are a part of.

This universe, most especially the earth and the things in it, are also part of God's written testament so that we who revere God can not be found ignoring part of His testament and creation. All wisdom begins with God. With Godly wisdom as the foundation corner stone, we are equipped for any and all good works, including discerning the real laws of physics and any other wisdom that we should seek to understand, such as philosophy, psychology, or whatever. We are not limited in what we can do when God is our foundation.

That being said, I explore the Method and Rules for Law & Justice, Research, Science, Reporting, and the like. One can not start without a good solid set of rules to live by and God can help us in this pursuit. Beyond that, I cater to Philosophy, Psychology, History, Sciences of all types, and maybe some current news and topics as well. Most people do not consider Philosophy and Understanding to be that important but I believe these are the most important things any of us can ever pursue and that our lives, speaking from a long term perspective, depend on it. Our securing of rights and protections depend on it. The proper way to treat each other and what sort of ways in which we should govern and regulate ourselves all depend on getting the answers right. And while these depend upon understanding what God was trying to accomplish, God also left some things for us to seek out and obtain answers for.

The answers are obtainable if we want them. And God gives us the foundation to enable that. I hope to use this site to aid in that purpose. What has not been revealed in the Bible can maybe be discovered here. I would love to get input from others on what I write, for 2 heads are better than 1 and in a multitude of counselors there is wisdom and salvation. Be sure to check out my other two sites which have the more Godly Bible oriented material, though nothing here will be completely free of Bible or religious entanglements for one can not separate what is created from that which created it. But this site is wisdom as best as I have been able to discern it in my lifetime's searching to the present.

At the very present, I have 3 articles on this site but plans for much more. They can be found on the History page. God willing, there will be more in time.


You can e-mail me with any thoughts you have or more questions. Just remove those xx's.

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