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History Page

Paul Yves Pezron - The Antiquities of Nations    A landmark history of a remote time to the present, concerning the Biblical sons of Gomer, who fathered the Celts/Gauls and the Goths/Teutones, which many know now as Germanic peoples. This history helps unite all history and fill in a lot of blanks and answers many questions. I personally modernized it and put it into text form. My first entry onto this site! All of Book 1, 20 chapters, is now complete except for some Latin and Greek language quotes. I'll work on those in time. Some Latin is already provided.

Livy's: The History of Rome, Books 1-5    One of the most important works of history in existence. See how Rome got started and how the working class plebs became enslaved in the early 4th century BC, approximately. This presents the perfect pattern/blueprint for recognizing a long-term conspiracy. Could also be called, How to Grow an Empire. You need to read this one and its not a long read and you can skip over some sections or save them for a later time. Lets' get started!

Learning from Crete    Crete is a big island with lots of lessons for us. for Crete, the sea was its defense and livelihood. It conceals many secrets. Most of all, it unveils modern day strategies employed by ambitious powers over a 1000 years ago. Can we learn from the past? I hope so. A must read for Conspiracy lovers.

This County of Ours - The Story of the United States - by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall, 1917.
Part 1-2        Part 3-4        Part 5-6        Part 7

On Language Origins & Changes    Who really invented the Alphabet language style of writing? I got the answers if you got the time.


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