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"To understand the forces that shaped the events of the 20th century {onward}, is predicated not on facts to be learned,
but on secrets to be discovered."  Author, Dr. Stanley Monteith, "Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed"

Here is the welcome page and introduction to what this site is about. Tell me what you would like to see here or give me your input. 

Below are the main sections for your consideration:

History    Got 3 articles up for you! And they are hot!!!. A History of the sons of Gomer, concerning the Celtic/Gaulic and Teutonic/Gothic peoples, by Paul Pezron  and the History of Rome, as recorded by Livy (Titus Livius). And Learning from Crete!



The Declaration of Independence Re-Evaluated   What does it really declare? Have we been fooled? Don't Ignore it!


by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
This magnificent work of Fritz and his co-author and many contributors to it, is a great use to discerning the "Grand Unified Theory" of Psychology. Mainstream does not admit a lot of the real psychology, but they now it exists. But as well, this work/book serves as an expose' of what the devil and his servants are doing with peoples' minds, which is quite hideous. I split it up into 4 parts, to keep each one under 500k. All rights belong to Fritz Springmeier. I make it available to reinforce his efforts.

Part 1        deeper-part-1.htm
Part 2        deeper-part-2.htm
Part 3        deeper-part-3.htm
Part 4        deeper-part-4.htm

This excerpt from "A Gifted Child" highlights much about how intelligence is acquired in the young and how to nurture it.

A Gifted Child    44 pages excerpted, with copyrights remaining to the publisher. Please buy the book if you read this.

Exposing the Real World

The devil rules this world until a time appointed by God to suspend his rule for 1000 years. But that world promotes itself as wonderful and righteous, promoting justice and even serving God. Every nation claims to have God on their side. But the truth is a much different matter. Justice is raped all day long and never stops. The devil is who the world serves with passion. and Evil everywhere abounds. These articles will deal with the lies out there designed to fool us all into serving the devil's ambitions and agenda without our knowing we are doing so.


Current Matters and Various Interests

Here is a page of links of related interest I have found so far.

In our short lifetimes, the most important thing we can pursue at any and all times is truth and knowledge. Don't be without them, ever!


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